Camera Armor protects your DSLR with rugged silicone

camera armor protects your dslr with rugged silicone

Not very many people carry around a smartphone, iPad, or laptop without some type of case to protect it. As sturdy as most DSLR cameras are, when out of a camera bag, they are vulnerable to clumsiness and being knocked around. With the help of Camera Armor ($40), you can protect your expensive DSLR and lenses from bumps, bruises, and scratches. The snug silicone protectors are individually engineered for most popular DSLR models to ensure a perfect fit. All important controls and ports still have easy access, and the armor includes a rugged protective ring to safeguard most 52-77 mm filter lenses from impact. Screen protectors and a lens cap leash also come with the armor. We’re not sure why it would be necessary, but the armor is also heat stable up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a bad investment for your camera, especially if you are the type to bang it into walls by accident.