The Chillax Baby Mood AI Smart Monitor focuses on privacy

Chillax, an innovative manufacturer in the home and family sector, has announced its new Baby Mood AI Smart Monitor at CES 2022. The Baby Mood AI is a baby monitor that uses AI and machine learning to ensure that your babies are sleeping safe and sound.

The Baby Mood AI is a new baby monitor that parents created for parents. Its main features are its unique design and its efficiency in detecting when your baby was rolled over or has its face covered. The baby monitor has a spherical base with a webcam attached by a flexible corded neck that allows you to place the camera at virtually any angle.

The real draws to the Baby Mood AI are all of its software and AI features. It has covered face and rollover detection, breathing rate detection, and a soother and sleep trainer. These features mean the Baby Mood AI can help your baby sleep better and give you peace of mind.


As far as the hardware presented on the Baby Mood AI, we first see a 1080p HD camera with infrared night vision. There is a privacy mode switch on the camera that cuts external Wi-Fi to the device and an LED dimmer switch. There are also LEDs in the base to help soothe your baby to sleep and a touch panel to help control the monitor. There’s a speaker and 360 rotation built-in. Also, the Baby Mood AI comes with its own 4.3-inch external display called the parental unit to view what the camera is seeing.

There are sleep trainer and soother options within the ChillaxCare app. Parents can customize the base’s hues to help train their baby to wake, relax, and sleep during certain shades. Parents can also set sound programs to help soothe when their child is emotionally distraught. The lights and sound options help parents continue using the Baby Mood AI as their child grows from baby to toddler.

You can also view live what the monitor is showing or check recordings or previous activities using the app. The app will also show the temperature and humidity in the room and will send notifications for any activity that is currently happening. In addition, parents can share their recordings with friends and family and fine-tune exactly what portions of activity will be shared with others. The app and monitor use bank-grade encryption to keep content secure.

Chillax will be selling the Baby Mood AI Smart Monitor on its website and through Amazon for $499. The monitor will be available in February 2022.

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