Cold drinks get mobile with the Summit Round Refrigerated Party Cooler

Fridge space is always at a premium during big summer BBQs. What with the various condiments, toppings, vegetables, meat (or tofu-based options) there isn’t always room to fit sodas or beers and get them nice and icy. Because really, how are you going to drink a Coors if it isn’t “Super Cold” and the mountains aren’t blue?

KegWorks solves that problem with their Summit Round Refrigerated Party Cooler – which we’ll simply call the Summit cooler.

Stock up the cooler with your beers and sodas the night before the party to chill them and then unplug the Summit when the party starts. According to KegWorks, Summit coolers keep drinks properly cooled for up to eight hours without electricity.

How it works is the cooler features a blue ice bank which keeps the inside walls cold, thus eliminating a cooler of melting ice or an overcrowded fridge. Ice banks are similar to cold compress packs that you store in your freezer except in this case it’s been molded into a cylindrical shape between the outer and inner walls of the cooler. The ice bank stores thermal energy for later use. Generally, ice banks are used mostly in large buildings or campus-wide air conditioning.

The bottom of the cooler features caster wheels for mobility and two wooden shelves to hold cups and drink tools. A chrome shelving unit is also available.

Along with offering an environmentally friendly option for chilling drinks the Summit cooler is made of 100-percent CFC free materials and contains no ozone-damaging chemicals.

Summit coolers are fairly pricey at $629, but if you do a lot of entertaining this might be a unique and stylish solution.