Columbia Koozie Hoodie features bottle opener, beer pocket

columbia koozie hoodie features bottle opener beer pocket

If you’re a fan of double-fisting beers by the campfire but need a free hand, the smart people at Columbia Sportswear have brought a strange and ingenious hoodie to your rescue. The Columbia Koozie Hoodie ($75) has strategically-placed pockets designed to safely hold two bottles or cans of beer, and is stain-resistant in the case of accidental spillage. If you are the kind of beer drinker who prefers a bottle of microbrew over a regular can, you will appreciate the integrated bottle opener at the bottom of the hoodie. Now you can always be the guy with the bottle opener who saves the day when someone else forgets. The hoodie is also wind-resistant, making it a perfect choice for blustery days at the beach. The Koozie Hoodie comes in several two-tone colors and is just heavy enough to be a great transitional or layering piece for almost any season.