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Doing home renovations shouldn’t be so hard, and Dirtt is here to help

When it comes to home renovations, the final destination may be beautiful, but everyone seems to dread the journey. Let’s be honest — giving your living space a face lift is never as easy as it seems in theory. Between the cost, the time involved, and the overall general headache, it may seem like there’s no straightforward way to renovate your place, even in the 21st century. But one company is looking to change that — there’s a new residential branch of Dirtt, a technology-driven interior construction company called Dirtt for Life, and it’s meant for you. 

By using Dirtt’s patented ICE software, you’ll be taken inside your home design from the get-go, allowing you to more closely assess your new designs and improvements, and take a real-time 3D walk-through of your space to fully understand what you’re building, all before a single piece of furniture or appliance is ordered. And of course you can use the ICE with Oculus VR headsets to check out in a virtual manner how furniture will fit in rooms, where that mirror should actually be located, what color to paint your wall, or even what kind of finish you need on your new kitchen countertops. 

And because you are able to see the cost of each component of your renovation within the platform, you’ll be sure to stay within budget. All changes you make are instantly reflected in your overall cost, so you’ll never be sticker-shocked at the end of the process.

Moreover, from a timing perspective, Dirtt for Life also has something impressive to offer. Once you’ve finalized your design, the company says, “The design goes directly to the Dirtt facilities where it is produced to your exact demands. There are no standard sizes or layouts to choose from. Dirtt only builds what you design.” And in just three short weeks, Dirtt promises you’ll have everything installed “with a simple set of tools and a small Dirtt-certified crew in one-third the time of conventional construction.”

So if you’ve got a big home project coming up, Dirtt for Life just may be what you need.

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