Double decker hot tub gets the whole party started


Most hot tubs you find in someone’s backyard usually fits four people at a time, leaving out a lot of the fun for those waiting in line. Forget those! Check out the Luxema 8000 hot tub that accommodates more than triple the capacity of traditional tubs, and includes a built-in bar seating for those who prefer to stay on dry land.

luxema_8000The Luxema 8000 Swim Spa allows for all the relaxation you need in one giant pool. For the jacuzzi section, a six-person seater is located at the tail end with powerful jet massagers and an LCD television with a DVD player and surround sound speakers. No worries, the screen is protected from water though you might want to be careful when inserting media discs. On the other wall of the tub across from the television screen, a wooden bar table allows for friends to join the party even without their bathing suits by hanging out on the stools and enjoying a cocktail or two.

Climb up to the second level of the Luxema 8000 and enjoy a stretch of hot tub fun, now complete with more friends than ever. The long design allows for easy movement around the pool and built-in steps for when you’re ready to jump out. Underwater lighting is also available to let you party into the night. Powered with 130 individual jets, the ultra-luxe hot tub is one way to make a statement to 14 of your closest friends that you’ve totally made it. Just don’t leave one behind to hang by himself like the picture suggests.

Of course, the tub will require a backyard or terrace big enough to fit the entire unit. Contact Spambient directly for pricing options.