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DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Fitbit Zip

itbit zip giveaway holiday 2012It was only after those pounds of turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, apple pies, glazed ham, tree-shaped sugar cookies, and fruit cakes that you realized last year’s most important resolution never got resolved. Never fear: 2013 is a new year and a more appropriate time to get your exercise on – all while looking pretty awesome with this Fitbit Zip in your pocket. The pint-sized pedometer will help you keep track of daily steps and calories burned so you’ll push yourself to get better numbers every day.

You could buy your own Fitbit Zip at $60 retail, or you can attempt to win one for free today (Spoiler alert: Free is always better than $60 out of your wallet). To try your chance at winning my gift to you, share with us your absolute favorite song to workout to, and why. What gets you pumped up at the gym or on the streets? Impress me and this little gadget is yours. The contest ends in just one week on December 18, so let us know in the comments and I will be contacting the winner personally at the end of the giveaway.

Fitbit Zip’s not really your thing? Check back often as we’ll be running DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaways all month long.

UPDATE: The contest has officially closed! A warm thank you for those who shared their responses, and if you did not win, check out our giveaway link above for other active contests.

Aaron Colter
Former Digital Trends Contributor
Samsung has the best Presidents’ Day kitchen appliance bundle deal
28 cu. ft. Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub in a kitchen with dark gray cabinets and a wooden floor

Appliances are expensive, so when you can capitalize on an excellent deal, that's the best time to buy. Samsung is hosting the best President's Day deal on kitchen appliance bundles that you shouldn't pass up -- if you need a new appliance anyway. Right now, you can save up to $1,300 off select kitchen appliances, with up to an extra $300 off. Plus, you'll enjoy free home installation and the haul away of your old appliances with select purchases. The haul-out alone is worth it because it removes your old appliance, and disposal services are pricey these days. Why not head over to Samsung and start building your personalized bundle immediately? The sale will be over in just a few hours.

Why you should shop the Samsung President's Day Kitchen Appliance bundle deals
If you're here, chances are you need a new kitchen appliance or are considering upgrading. Either way, paying full price for brand-new gear doesn't make sense unless you have to. Thanks to Samsung's President's Day deals on kitchen appliance bundles, you can save big, and we do mean really big. Each bundle saves you upwards of $1,300 right off the top. But as you add to the customized bundles, you'll save even more, up to an additional $300. After all, February and President's Day sales are the best times to buy new appliances.

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Wyze camera breach allows strangers to peer into others’ homes
A Wyze smart camera.

Wyze has built a following by offering reasonably priced smart security cameras and other gadgets for the home, and the company generally enjoys a good reputation among its customers.

But another security breach, this one in recent days, is sure to test some customers' trust in the company. The latest incident involved around 13,000 Wyze customers receiving images and video from Wyze cameras that didn’t belong to them.

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Can you use a Blink Outdoor Camera without a subscription?
Blink Outdoor cam wet from the rain.

For security and peace of mind around your home, a Blink Outdoor Camera is one of the most popular choices for keeping an eye on your property. The outdoor cameras have features like motion detection, a Live View which lets you see what is going on at your property right from your smartphone, and an Activity Zones option that lets you choose which areas of your property you want to record -- which is handy if you live near a busy street where cars could constantly set off annoying motion detection notifications. The recently released Blink Outdoor 4 has improved on these features to make them even better than the previous Blink Outdoor 3.

Like most home security systems, Blink operates on a subscription plan, with a monthly charge starting at $3 to use the service. But if you don't want to pay for the charge, you might want to try using the cameras without the subscription -- though there will be some severe limitations if you do.
Does the Blink Outdoor Camera require a subscription to use?

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