Dutch mobile kitchen aims to bring the community together with food

dutch mobile kitchen aims to bring the community together with food buijtenkitchen

The concept of a food truck might be normal to the average American, but in Buijt Rhoon of the Netherlands, rural roads aren’t always lined with unique, gourmet eats coming out of a solar-powered vehicle. Instead of introducing the idea of non-ecofriendly trucks, some designers prefer to preserve the beautiful, natural landscape by creating a pop-up, mobile kitchen that grants the general public access to a full-sized kitchen for recreational uses.

dutch mobile kitchen aims to bring the community together with food buijtenkitchen ovenDesigned by Studio Elmo Vermijs, the “Buijtenkitchen” is a compact and movable kitchen that can be deployed in any part of town. The block kitchen can be transported by tractor wagons while the kitchen itself houses several equipments such as a wood-burning oven, counter space, sink, and storage compartments. Local Dutch may find the Buijtenkitchen useful for catering events or cooking lessons, as well as demonstrations by visiting renowned chefs who come to the area to make use of fresh, locally grown ingredients. This provides the opportunity for locals to also learn more about combing rural life with urban development, along with new food preparation methods that are more efficient, safe, and sanitary.

This isn’t the first urban kitchen project for Studio Elmo Vermijs. In 2006 and 2008, the team worked on a design for a People’s Kitchen which functioned like a community space for people to join and bond over food. The projects also both made use of natural materials, such as crates, beams, wood, and metal to create an inviting space.

Although the design is made to complement the natural surroundings of the Netherlands, we think the concept might also work well under a more urban setting in the states. Instead of just barbecue pits in parks and camping grounds, access to full-size mobile kitchen could provide community events as bring more people outdoors especially during these summer months. These kitchens can travel around the city to offer fun activities in your local neighborhood and promote healthy eating and cooking.

To learn more about Studio Elmo’s traveling kitchen, or more of the firm’s urban development projects, visit the official website.