EMI And YouTube – Together At Last

YouTube might have experienced a few hiccups along the way, but lately it’s been speeding ahead. The video giant has announced a deal with EMI that will let YouTube users legally access video by EMI artists, which includes such iconic acts as the Rolling Stones.   Under the agreement, userswill even eventually be able to use EMI recordings in their own projects, which stands as a major step forward in usage.   Given that YouTube has been beset by law suits for pirating copyrightedmaterial, and is still in dispute with the communications behemoth Viacom, which is suing it for $1 billion, this has to bring a sigh of relief. It’s just ayear since EMI was talking to YouTube about unauthorized music videos posted on the site.   With EMI signing on the dotted line, it means that YouTube now has all four of the world’s bigrecord companies – the others are Sony BMG, Warner, and Universal – on board. Chad Hurley, CEO of YouTube, said,   “We’re excited to add EMI Music’s stellar roster of artists’content to our site and make it available to our community.”   It’s only ten days since EMI agreed to let itself be taken over by private equity firm Terra Firma for a cool $4.8billion.