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How to factory reset a Ring Doorbell

Ring has quickly become a staple brand in the smart home space thanks to its Video Doorbell. The standard doorbell version has had four iterations along with a Pro model. Yet even with all the upgrades and different models, there are times when it, just like any other electronic device, can have issues. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to fix that issue is a factory reset.

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5 minutes

What You Need

  • Ring Video Doorbell

  • Tiny Screwdriver (ideally the one that came with the doorbell)

Factory resetting your Ring Video Doorbell will completely erase all the information and settings on it as if you had just taken it out of the box. A reset fixes most problems and should be performed before selling or giving away the doorbell. If you are giving it away, make sure to remove the doorbell from the Ring app.

There is a slight difference in how you reset the Doorbells depending on which model you have. First and second-generation doorbells have a slightly different method than the rest. The current Video Doorbell roster includes the Ring Video Doorbell 2/3/3 Plus/4, Wired, Pro/Pro 2, and Elite. We will explain each one down below. Let’s get to it.

How to reset Ring Video Doorbell

Step 1: Undo the security screw to remove the doorbell from its bracket or the faceplate from the doorbell.

The first and second-generation doorbells will need to be removed from their bracket once the screw is removed. For all recent and current Video Doorbells, you’ll remove the faceplate after removing the screw.

Step 2: Find the Setup button, then press and hold it for 10 seconds.

On most doorbells, the setup button will be a bright orange color. For the current crop of Video Doorbells, the setup button is just below the camera lens.

Step 3: The Doorbell light will flash for several seconds or minutes. Once the flashing stops, the doorbell has been reset and will be back in setup mode.


How do I get my ring doorbell back online?

Once you’ve reset a Ring Video Doorbell and it is back in setup mode, you can use the Ring app on your phone to add it to your Ring account.

How do I reset my 2nd generation ring doorbell?

The earlier versions of Ring’s Video Doorbells can still easily be factory reset. The main difference in erasing them is that you have to remove the doorbell from its bracket. This is the only way to get access to its Setup button.

Now that your Ring Doorbell is reset go ahead and get it back online, upgrade it to a new model, or give it away.

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