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Fight fire with vino: A fire extinguisher in the guise of a wine bottle

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True story: Everything we know about using a fire extinguisher comes from TV and movies. Often when a fire breaks out, a hero leaps to the rescue, nonchalantly grabs the conveniently located fire extinguisher and saves the day. In reality, if faced with such a situation — as long as it didn’t devolve into a Simpsons-esque fire drill — we’d have to shove aside myriad cleaning bottles and a 12-pack of paper towels under the sink to get to the extinguisher. At least, we think that’s where the fire extinguisher is. We’ll have to get back to you.

Because two out of every five home fires start in the kitchen, according to the National Fire Protection Association, it’s not a bad place to store an extinguisher. However, every second counts when there’s a fire, so having to hunt for one in an emergency is less than ideal. That’s why inventor Greg Mockett set out to create a fire extinguisher that was not only always close at hand but easy to use.

The Wine Bottle Fier Extinguisher is skinned with a wine bottle, olive oil, or basaltic vinegar label, so it looks right at home on a kitchen countertop. In the event of a fire, you can just whip off the cap and hit the button, much like an aerosol can. Mockett is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where a $20 donation gets you an extinguisher. For those who really want customize their device’s décor, for $40 you will receive a template to create your own skin. Maybe you can write “fire extinguisher” on the back of the can, so guest chefs aren’t totally clueless about what’s lurking in that bottle of vino.

The skin comes equipped with a QR code; scanning it with your phone connects you with fire-fighting information. Owners can opt-in to receive notifications when the extinguisher is set to expire.

This is a great idea. Just don’t store it on your wine rack, or you’ll never be able to find it.

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