Freshly-launched startup ePantry auto-ships sustainable goods to your door

freshly launched startup epantry auto ships sustainable goods door

Online grocery stores definitely aren’t a new thing, but there’s a new one that officially launched today that offers an interesting take on the idea.

ePantry, a start-up that quietly opened to the public at the end of 2013, is built on the idea that consumers like you and I really do care about using environmentally-friendly goods, but often choose not to simply because it’s less convenient. When we run out of something like toilet paper, shampoo, or laundry detergent, for example, most of us generally just head to the nearest store and grab whatever is on the shelf, which might not be the best choice for the environment.

The solution, as ePantry sees it, is to offer a selection of sustainable household products that are automatically shipped to you on a regular schedule, based on when you’re likely to run out. It’s essentially a more focused, curated, and ecologically-minded version of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program; so not only do you get the convenience of automated epantry tablet appshipments delivered right to your door, you’re also never stuck buying goods from retailers who have limited “green” options.

The site’s selection of products pales in comparison to giants like Amazon, but the selection is still fairly robust, and exclusively features the most eco-friendly brands on the market. While shopping, ePantry even offers up its own ratings for each product, which gives you at-a-glance insights into how sustainable, healthy, kid-friendly, and expensive a given product is in comparison to another. At this point, ePantry carries products from just over half a dozen brands, including familiar green names like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Method, Seventh Generation, Green Forest, Preserve, and more — and the list is growing rapidly.

It’s definitely not a site for coupon cutters and people looking to save a buck, so if you’re only concerned with price, you’re probably better off just sticking with your local grocery store or Amazon. But if you care about the environmental impact of the products you buy, we highly recommend you give ePantry a look. You can sign up and get started through the company’s website, or download the mobile app for iOS.

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