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Get ready for Gaze, the smartest standing desk yet

gaze standing desk
The standing desk is not a new concept. Its design is meant to improve your posture and help relieve the pains associated with sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day long. The Gaze Desk, however, may be the first to feature smart gadgets and intuitive technology.

Through the desk’s app, users can set their height and weight and the program automatically calculates the perfect height for optimal posture for both sitting and standing positions. The Gaze Desk features dual lift controls which means that the monitor can be independently adjusted from the desk. This will help reduce neck strain from looking down at a monitor that is too low.

It also uses sensors to monitor your posture and alert you via the connected app when you’ve been sitting too long. The desk reminds you to stand up at least once every two hours. You can set this to be as simple as a notification on your smart device or have the desk automatically adjust to the standing position when too much time has gone by.

It also has connectivity capability through Bluetooth LE and IFTTT technology, which allows the desk to sync with your other smart devices. You can program it to automatically turn on a light or even start your coffee pot as soon as you sit down at the desk.

The retail price for these desks will run you about $2,000, but the project is still currently being funded on Kickstarter where you can save up to 55 percent on various models. The single, non-dual-monitor-lift smart desk is available when you pledge $499 and the dual version is only $899. The campaign is a little over two-thirds funded with over a month left to go. They expect to begin shipping early bird products in November 2016 with an official retail release of December 2016.

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