Get a sweet ride on land with the Elemment Palazzo

get a sweet ride on land with the elemment palazzo ellemment

The luxurious and over-the-top mode of transportation we most often write about is most certainly the yacht, and perhaps occasionally the plane or helicopter, but never have we seen such extravagance in the form of an RV. We’d think that road travel would be too pedestrian for anyone who could actually afford a crazy RV like this, but sometimes the road is the only way and you might as well travel in style. The Elemment Palazzo Luxury RV by Vienna’s Marchi Mobile ($TBA, but we’re assuming it’s a rather large price tag) is a luxury home on the foundation of 28-inch wheels and a dual-sport exhaust system.

get a sweet ride on land with the elemment palazzo ellement2

Its strange design is supposedly aerodynamic and that giant round clock-like feature is the vehicle’s windshield and driver area. Inside, the RV is decked out with ultra-expensive finishes and design touches, as well as a full sun room, a couch that magically transforms into a bar, climate controls, a 40-inch TV, a fireplace, and a central control panel. Did we mention it has a flybridge lounge that pops out of the roof and remote video access? Who wants to go on a roadtrip now?