What’s everyone dressing as for Halloween? Google’s Frightgeist map will show you

Dmitry Molchanov/Shutterstock
Coulrophobics should stay away from Presque Isle, Maine, this Halloween. There will be a lot of people dressed as clowns, according to Google’s Frightgeist map.

The tech company created the map based on search data to highlight what everyone’s thinking of dressing up as this Oct. 31. Google explains the methodology this way: “Pulling from the top 500 costume searches in the United States, Frightgeist uses Google Trends to tell you what’s trending at a costume party near you and help you find a costume that’s sure to turn heads — if they have them.”


There are some interesting results for sure. The most popular costume in Billings, Montana — home of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute — is “dinosaur,” which could be correlation or coincidence. And why does everyone in Panama City, Florida, want to be a gray wolf? (In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s a “sexy” gray wolf costume.) Portland, Maine; Tampa, Florida; Fairbanks, Alaska, and Santa Barbara, California, could be full of pirates, while Amarillo, Texas, isn’t sure what kind of “superhero” to be. (May we suggest Spider Hero?)

Apparently, you’re supposed to use the “trending nationally” tab to help you pick a more original costume than “ghost.” You’ll be in good company if you don a black-and-red jester cap, as Harley Quinn is apparently the most popular costume search all of the United States. Star Wars, superhero (you’re not alone, Amarillo!), pirate, and Batman round out the rest of the top five.

Way at the bottom of the top 500 are Gangnam Style (No. 492), Wonder Man (497), Effie Trinket (499), and Spartan army (500).

If you want to be a bit more unique, you could try putting two of these costumes together. Coincidentally, an owl is ranked No. 97, while Doctor Who is No. 98 in the results. If you combine those two, you could be Doctor Whoo.

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