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The Haier Duo is two washing machines in one

Haier Duo washing machine-2
Jenny McGrath/Digital Trends
We were pretty impressed with LG’s Twin Wash at this year’s CES: a second, smaller washer that fits in the pedestal underneath the full-sized machine. Not to be outdone, Haier plans to unveil its Duo washing machine at IFA 2015, which stacks two differently sized drums on top of each other.

The top front-load drum can hold 8.8 pounds of clothes, while you can clean 17.6 pounds of laundry in the bottom. It includes a 7-inch LCD screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. There are a number of programs, including an allergen reducer, baby care, silk, and underwear settings. That means you can put your unmentionables in the top on a more delicate cycle, while your jeans are spinning away in the bottom.

The company also announced new additions to its Intelius series of smart washers and dryers, already available in some European markets. The washing machine doles out the proper amount of detergent and fabric softener based on the amount of laundry, known as its “Smart Dosing” feature. It can also detect how hard your water is and adjust detergent levels accordingly. The 2.0 washer-dryer can handle 26 pounds of clothing. Much like the Duo, it has an LCD screen, which lists 20 different programs. There’s also a 20-pound-capacity dryer and nearly 17-pound-capacity washer and washer-dryer combo being added to the lineup.

Haier hasn’t offered information on pricing or availability on these new models, but we’ll keep you posted as more IFA news unfolds.

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