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Need to do a second load of laundry? Stick this mini drawer under your washer

Laundry pedestals are nothing new. The space-saving device acts as a storage unit that goes underneath front-load washers. Instead of using the pedestal as a place to stash detergent and fabric softener, LG decided to turn it into a second, mini washer. LG introduced the little laundry machine at CES 2015.

While the drawer-sized add-on isn’t going to let you go an extra week without washing, it’s perfect for tackling two loads at once, especially if you want to have two different cycles going. Washing t-shirts on gentle might not make things so fresh and so clean, while delicate fabrics can’t take the same harsh conditions as heavy cottons.

Instead of waiting to launder two separate loads or wasting electricity and water on a smaller load, the mini washer can work together with the front-load model. No more letting your workout clothes languish in a pile, waiting for more company in the washing machine; the pedestal machine can run independently from the bigger appliance.

Photo credit: Digital Trends/Jenny McGrath
Photo credit: Digital Trends/Jenny McGrath

The pedestal washer is part of LG’s Twin wash system. Earlier models also had dual tubs, allowing users to wash separate loads simultaneously. However, they were side-by-side, resulting in two smaller loads. Because the mini washer fits underneath the full-sized front load machine, users can still do a load packed with a few pairs of jeans. The pedestal raises the machine a few inches off the ground without adding to its width or depth.

Despite its small size, the mini washer uses the same “Slim Inverter Direct Drive” motor as bigger machines, so it delivers the same cleaning power, according to LG. Debuting in May 2015, the mini washer will retail for $499. It’s definitely pricier than some full-sized washers, but sometimes it’s worth it to pay for the space-saving feature.

On the other side of the laundry machine equation, LG’s new mega-capacity dryer is paired with a top-load washer. In addition to its TurboSteam feature, the dryer also has an EasyLoad door, which opens two ways. The door can swing out like a traditional dryer or like an oven door, so you can use it like a laundry chute and be less likely to drop dirty clothes on the floor.

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