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Perched on a cliff, the Hawk’s Nest is a stunning artist retreat in West Virginia

Mesmerized by the amazing views of West Virginia’s Potomac River Valley, a Paris-based sculptor commissioned Wiedemann Architects to create Hawk’s Nest, a home and work space in the midst of an abandoned limestone quarry. The quarry presented the perfect location for the sculptor, as it is set on top of a cliff that offers a beautiful, inspirational view. If the views aren’t awe-inspiring enough, the Hawk’s Nest offers plenty of inspiration with its modern design.

Primarily constructed from glass and steel, the Hawk’s Nest is appropriately perched between two massive concrete pedestal-styled towers. The pillars serve as the building’s foundation and were primarily used to lift the home off the ground, so it wouldn’t disturb the nature its built on.

Besides acting as the building’s foundation, the pillars have other functional uses. The smaller pillar contains a staircase that is the main entry point for the home. A metal workshop and studio space are in the larger pillar.

A wood walkway, which provides shelter and shade for the courtyard, connects the two pillars. The walkway also helps to frame out the linear nature of the Hawk’s Nest, as virtually the entire interior has floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding landscape.

With its intricate and thoughtful design, Hawk’s Nest effortlessly blends into the West Virginia landscape while at the same time remaining striking and visually stunning.

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Ananth Pandian
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