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Who to follow on Twitter if you want to understand tech

Twitter is a great way to follow tech titans and influencers for their insights on the current happenings. Here is a breakdown of some of the underrated and more well-known tech-related accounts you should follow on Twitter.

Portrait Mode test: Can any smartphone beat the iPhone X?

The Portrait Mode on the iPhone X is terrific, but is it the best of any phone on the market? Here, we pitted it against the portrait mode found on three other smartphones, allowing us to determine a clear victor.
Smart Home

How to delete voice recordings from Alexa-enabled devices, Google Assistant-enabled devices

If you're worried about Alexa and Google Assistant recording your interactions with them, don't fret! You you can easily delete your voice history for both platforms in just a few steps. Here's how.
Smart Home

Perched on a cliff, the Hawk’s Nest is a stunning artist retreat in West Virginia

Not wanting to disturb the natural environment of the limestone quarry it sits on top of, Wiedemann Architects uniquely designed the Hawk's Nest in West Virginia to be raised up off the ground and have majestic floor-to-ceiling views.

Even celebrities are having a fun time with the Google Arts and Culture app

The best part about the new doppelgänger feature in the Google Arts and Culture app is how inaccurate it is from time to time. These celebrities, who posted their art-based lookalikes online, would know.
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GE Lighting wants its smart light bulbs to help you improve your shut-eye

Jeff Patton, GE Lighting's general manager for connected home products, stops by the Digital Trends booth at CES 2018 and gives us a look at how GE is embracing the future of home technology with its smart light bulbs.