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HelloFresh now takes wine orders, because what’s dinner without a drink?

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What’s a meal without wine? After all, if you’re preparing dinner and there’s no fermented beverage involved, are you really preparing for any kind of success? HelloFresh clearly believes the answer is “no,” and as such, has now launched HelloFresh Wine, a new monthly wine subscription to complement the company’s existing meal kits.

Each of the wine subscriptions come complete with pairing suggestions, tasting notes, and flavor profiles. In order to source their wines, HelloFresh tells Digital Trends that the team “partnered with someone with vast knowledge of wine and worked with their highly regarded in-house sommelier to select the perfect wines for our customers.” That means that the wines you receive every month are specially curated to complement your recipes.

For example, in June, you can try a 2015 Chulengo cabernet sauvignon with hints of chile bell pepper, black currant, dark cherry, and dark chocolate, or a pinot gris Pays D’Oc from Languedoc-Roussillon, France, with notes of jasmine, nectarine, orange blossom, and peach. The wines in HelloFresh’s cellars come from around the world, and promise to be a hit at any occasion, whether it’s a casual night with the girls or a dinner party for your in-laws.

“We are thrilled to announce our wine service and offer our customers yet another way to not only simplify home cooking, but make it fun,” said Stacy Gordon, HelloFresh U.S. chief product officer. “Buying and pairing wine is typically overwhelming, and we look forward to making it easy and enjoyable with delicious wines that open up the HelloFresh cooking experience beyond the final plate.”

A monthly subscription to a HelloFresh wine box will include six full-size, 750-milliliter bottles. Customers can select from red, white, or mixed cases, but regardless of preference, all boxes will be replete with pairings corresponding to a month’s HelloFresh recipe. Subscriptions cost $89 per month plus tax, and includes shipping. And as is the case with HelloFresh meal kits, you can choose your preferred delivery day and pause or cancel a subscription at any time.

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