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The Hinge transcends the one-size-fits-all toaster design

hinge toaster kickstarter
Most of us have probably never thought about the configuration of our toaster. We have just accepted that they are rectangles that need a significant amount of counter space, especially for a device with one sole purpose. The Hinge toaster is looking to change all that. This project, which is currently featured on Kickstarter, marries a sleek design with a focus on functionality.

Hinge can be configured in three different ways in order to maximize your kitchen counter space. It has a low profile hinge (hence the name) which allows for it to be unfolded and sit flush against any wall. It has dual insulated panels so your walls are protected again the heat it generates. This allows for you to slide the toaster back and access all your newly freed-up counter space.

The Hinge design also allows a ninety-degree-angle configuration that will fit in any corner. In small kitchens with less counter space, these options let users choose what fits best. Of course, Hinge also has a classic configuration which looks like your traditional toaster. The design has strong magnets which hold the two sides firmly together.

Besides just being an innovative space saver, Hinge also has all the best features you want in a toaster. It has an easy to clean crumb tray and a power cord which is designed to not tangle no matter how you change up the toaster. It can accommodate up to four slices of bread and has an extra long toasting tray for larger slices. It also has a separate setting to toast bagels and defrost frozen bread products. There are also several trendy colors to choose from.

The Kickstarter campaign needs about $30,000 more to go before it ends in twenty-nine days. For only a $76 pledge you get your own Hinge toaster in your choice of color. The firm is expected to begin delivery of the product in February 2017.

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