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Honeywell’s new app takes some of the headache out of working in an office

honeywell vector occupant app
Anyone who works in a shared office space knows all too well the small challenges that comes with large complex spaces. From maintaining the perfect temperature in your workspace to accessing various secure portions of said workspace, a lot of otherwise productive time can be spent finding ways to mitigate these tasks.

Imagine the hassle of coming to work only to discover you have forgotten your personalized security access card. You then must either return home to retrieve the card or seek out someone who can replace it.

Honeywell, a leader in innovative smart technologies, has come up with a quick solution. The Honeywell Vector Occupant app syncs with a building’s smart systems so that occupants can simply use their smart phone.

John Rajchert, the president of Honeywell Building Solutions, stated, “Smartphones and apps continue to enhance our lives. Buildings are alive and teeming with opportunities for users to interact with them — if you can make the right connections.”

digital-id-and-access-control-13-hrIts new app is making just those connections. It allows for individualized identification which eliminates the need for special badges or fobs to move about the building. Because everything is digital, management can easily oversee credentials of all the buildings occupants. Imagine never needing to replace a security card again.

Finally, since the app is intended to interface directly with the building, maintenance staff can monitor occupants comfort levels in real time. Employees can quickly and easily report a problem with the temperature of their workspace directly through the app.

The app works independently of the buildings underlying systems which makes it widely accessible and easy to adapt to your current system. The entire program is backed by a cloud-based architecture and enabled by HID Global’s Seos credential technology. All users must be invited by an administrator before downloading and using the app.

The Honeywell Vector Occupant app is designed to make buildings more secure and more comfortable for the people who work and visit them. The company is always expanding and improving so who knows what’s in store next for building connectivity.

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