Wish you had a modern-day palace? Check out this huge Florida mansion

Living at home with your parents into adulthood would be a lot more desirable if they had a huge Florida mansion like the one currently under construction for Dr. Kiran Patel in the greater Carrollwood area. The philanthropist is building a dream house (or should we say complex?), designed by Rojo Architecture, on his 17-acre property that will house his entire family, including his three adult children and their families, according to WTSP’s 10News in May.

When all is said and done, there will be 90,000 square feet under roof, about 60,000 of which will be air conditioned. Not surprisingly, it’ll be the largest home in the county of Hillsborough, where it’s located. “I always was thinking big,” said Patel, whose goal is clearly set to be accomplished.

In addition to a stunning view of White Trout Lake, the home will boast enormous garages (to store 20 to 30 cars, of course), a Hindu temple, a sun dome, multiple guest houses, a 450-foot pool, waterfalls, and so much more. The one thing it’s lacking, as far as we can tell, is a helipad. Plans to add one were abandoned, according to real estate blog Homes of the Rich. Somehow, we think they’ll manage.

To bring his family together on such a massive estate, Patel decided to have just one kitchen. “That’s the condition I was really adamant on,” he shared. He described the dining table as “the representation of a family.” He’s proud that his family has chosen to live together, highlighting that each of his children is financially independent.

How much does it cost to build a house like Patel’s? He was tight-lipped on the cost of construction, but he did share that it’s less than the amount of money he’s donated over the years. We do know, however, that the property alone reportedly cost $3.2 million.