I can see clearly now: Invisible Canoe/Kayak pictures

Invisible things seem to be all the rage today, from invisible motorcycles to my invisible friend…and now, we can add invisible canoes to that list.

Comprised of transparent Lexan the Transparent Canoe/Kayak from Denver, Colorado based See Through Canoe measures over 11 feet in length and is designed for comfort. The clear canoe can carry two people and offers high visibility of both you and the watery depths below. While it might seem like a novelty, the Transparent Canoe uses the same clear polycarbonate used in jet-fighter cockpit canopies and is fastened to a lightweight anodized aluminum frame that helps keep the weight down to a manageable 40 lbs.

The Transparent Canoe/Kayak will set you back $1,475 and comes with two double-headed paddles, water bailer, and two polyurethane floatation bags. Bikini-clad model not included.