Monitor your baby while purifying your air with the iBaby Air

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It’s all around you, you can’t escape it, and it’s the most constant presence in your life. So don’t you want to know more about the air you’re breathing? If you answered “yes,” the iBaby Air may just be the next smart home device to add to your growing collection of intelligent hardware. This indoor WiFi air quality monitor and ion purifier claims to not only detect volatile organic compounds, but also purify the air by way of negative ions, all while tracking your air quality to observe changes over time. Standing just six inches tall, this unobtrusive device also happens to double as an audio baby monitor or WiFi speaker, and comes fully equipped with an alarm and lights — because no device can just serve a single purpose anymore.

It’s the first time the iBaby team has branched out beyond its signature smart baby monitor offerings, which have been offered online for the last five years by retailers such as Apple, Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, and Babies R Us.

According to the iBaby team, the Air is the world’s smallest air purifier, currently available in three colors via an Indiegogo campaign. With 16 days left, the iBaby Air is just $500 away from reaching its funding goal, and attributes much of its success to its ability to grant users immediate access to information about a room’s air quality. VOCs such as carbon monoxide, benzene, methane, ammonia, and more are picked up by this tiny air purifier, and not only will the associated iBaby app provide facts and figures, but it’ll also give users advice on how to live a healthier, purer air life.

“The iBaby Air is the perfect solution for every family especially the ones with babies and small children. The product includes lullabies, which are both preloaded and can be custom uploaded,” said Elnaz Sarraf, co-founder of iBaby Labs, the company behind the Air. “The iBaby Air can also be used as an audio baby monitor and allows babies to sleep better and safer with fresh and clean air.”

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