It’s the Content. Really. At Least In June.

The Online Publishers Association released its Internet Activity Index (IAI) for June 2005, finding that its Content category showed the greatest growth in online time, jumping from 36 percent in May to 36.9 percent in June, an increase of 2.5 percent. The Online Publishers Association speculates the shift came from Internet users planning vacations, changes to online habits owing to children being out of school for the summer, and several major news and sporting events.

In the IAI, the “Content” category includes online music services, as well as news, sports, and weather; other categories in the IAI are Communications, Commerce, and Search. Communications also saw an increase in June, while Commerce and (particularly) Search saw declines. Communications includes Web-based email services, instant messaging, and online forums; Commerce includes popular shopping sites, while Search includes services such as Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo Search. The exact makeup of the monitored sites and services in each category is considered proprietary information and is not disclosed.

The IAI survey monitors only “Web properties”

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