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Take note, freelancers — Jop is a platform that puts the power in your hands

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Now that they comprise an impressive 35 percent of the American workforce, freelancers are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Helping them leverage their skills to the best of their ability is Jop, an on-demand service platform that promises to give “people the freedom to work with and book each other directly without any middleman or bureaucracy.” Jop serves as a one-stop-shop for both service providers and those in need of services.

“I hate the idea that we are all bound to stick to one single profession in life,” said Canel Frichet, co-founder and CEO of Jop, “We all have different talents and interests that change and evolve during our lives because of personal interests or for professional reasons.” And that’s where Frichet’s platform comes into play.

Founded in conjunction with Sebastian Lombardo, Jop was conceived as a tool that would allow people to work directly for one another.  Jop differentiates itself from similar services by allowing professionals to completely set their own prices without any standardization. “Jop doesn’t standardize the pricing because [we] believe that freelancers like the freedom of charging what they feel they deserve for the services rendered,” a spokesperson told Digital Trends. “It truly brings a sense of independence to the platform and allows customers the option to choose what is most important to them.”

While other platforms are similar, they tend to be much more limited in terms of their offerings. Jop, on the other hand, offers services from Thai tutoring to mustache trimming to DJing to plumbing.

Finding a “Jopper” is as easy as heading to the Jop website and searching for the desired task. Once booked, Joppers arrive at your doorstep, ready to get down to business. Jop promises that all Joppers are interviewed and reviewed via an accredited background screening process. Once hired, Joppers are given the opportunity to earn company equity, literally helping them “own” at least a piece of the company. And because there is no cap on the amount of equity earned, Joppers can engage in what promises to be “a true sharing economy.”

You can check out how to hire a Jopper or become yourself here.

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