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K-BOC is a germ-killing doormat that makes shoes clean enough to lick

Shoes are gross. There is a reason people aren’t willing to lick the soles of their favorite pair. According to a study from the University of Arizona, almost half a million units of bacteria call a new pair of shoes home in just two weeks. These bacteria can also live longer on the soles of shoes than many other places, including toilet seats. How effective can shoes be at protecting our feet from the environment when they track so much bacteria into our homes?

Instead of contaminating the floor or taking off your shoes at the door, the K-BOC Antibacterial Silver Ion Mat gets rid of those germs before they can do any harm. Even for families who take their shoes off when they go inside, there are times where wearing them inside is unavoidable. Whether guests are visiting or there are multiple trips’ worth of groceries in the car, shoes are going to touch the floor at some point.

Woven into the soft, yet durable fabric of the K-BOC mat are silver ion threads that remove more than 99 percent of illness-causing bacteria on contact. By simply wiping your shoes on K-BOC like any other doormat, users can walk with their shoes around the home, without the germs tagging along.

With its tight, durable weave, the fibers can withstand the elements without shedding. The silver ion threads will remain active for about five years before the mat begins to act like a normal doormat. And with its soft touch, using the mat is safe for the whole family. Both kids and pets can use the mat without fear of chemicals or toxins. For added safety, the K-BOC mat is flame retardant.

Cleaning the K-BOC mat is easy. If it becomes soiled, spraying it with soap and hose water will clean it up. This should only be necessary if the mat has accumulated visible dirt from people wiping their shoes.

The K-BOC Antibacterial Silver Ion Mat is available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $39 as the early bird price. After the product ships in January 2018, the retail price goes up to $59. The mat itself comes in the standard size of 30 inches in length and 18 inches in width.

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