Feeling lazy? Suction doormat means you won’t have to wipe

feeling lazy suction doormat means you wont have to wipe high techWhen entering a house, apartment, office or store, you might wipe your shoes on the mat at the entrance. However, for many people, wiping the street slime from their shoe sole is not at the forefront of their mind, resulting in outside gunk becoming inside gunk.

For the owner of the premises, this means stained carpets and floor tiles, and for cleaners it most likely results in a headache and the need for extra elbow grease.feeling lazy suction doormat means you wont have to wipe

However, an environmental equipment manufacturer in Japan appears to have come up with an excellent solution — a high-tech doormat that sucks the dirt from your shoes as you stand on it or walk across it. Brilliant, huh?

Paionia Furyokuki’s unique 100cm x 50cm mat consists of numerous little suction cups that spring into action the moment someone stands on them, vacuuming the muck and grime from the footwear before depositing it in a collection tray that can be later emptied.

The Nagoya-based maker of the mat believes it could prove useful in locations where high standards of hygiene are paramount, such as hospitals and clinics. Places like restaurants and shops may also be keen to try Paionia Furyokuki’s mat.

Homeowners interested in the shoe-cleaning technology will be disappointed to learn that it currently comes with a prohibitive $6,250 price tag. Of course, the best way to ensure the floors of the house stay sparkling clean is to do what the Japanese do and simply leave shoes at the door.

[via PSFK]