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Kickstarter’s flaming fireplace coffee table is so hot right now

Enjoy lighting fires in your own apartment? Either you have a self-destructive alter ego named Tyler Durden, or more likely, you’re similar to Milwaukee entrepreneur Bryant Randall and find the sight of an indoor flame to be just the kind of home comfort you need after a busy day.

Unfortunately, not all of us — Randall included — have easy access to a wood burning stove, which is where Kaffee, the fireplace coffee table, enters the picture. An affordable bioethanol-burning coffee table, Kaffee is a “no fuss” alternative that will give you all the warmth and hypnotic goodness of a real fire, without any of the downsides.

“You can think of it like a big Zippo,” co-founder Randall told Digital Trends. “It uses commercially available fuel which runs smoke- and fume-free, so that it doesn’t require any ventilation if you burn it inside. You don’t have to install air ducts, a chimney, or anything like that. The fact that it’s so optimal for indoor environments is the reason we decided it would be perfect as a centerpiece for furniture.”

In terms of heat, the table pumps out around 5,000 BTUs of heat, which should make a noticeable difference in even the most respectable of living rooms. Its design is also suitably clean and minimalist — with a glass and steel enclosure that won’t look out of place among your other gadgets.

Northern Elements

“It’s perfect for people who live in an apartment, who would love to have an indoor fire,” Randall continued. “There’s nothing quite like a real fire for helping you unwind. Get back from work or school, sit down in front of it, put on some Spotify — it’s the good life. Whether it’s a conversation-starter, or just something people will enjoy on their own, we hope people are really going to enjoy it.”

If you want to pre-order a unit, visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page, where you can secure choice of Kaffee table (available in different color options) for just $299.

That’s not even enough cash for us to make a quip about having money to burn!

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