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KeenHome’s smart vent covers will shrink your heating & cooling bill

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In the average American household, heating and cooling costs account for roughly 50 percent of the homeowner’s energy bill. That’s pretty rough, and nobody likes paying that much for utilities, so for the past couple years, tech startups across the globe have been building devices that answer that consumer need and help cut down on energy use. As a result, the market is now filled with a slew of smart, Web-connected thermostats.

But networked thermostats like Nest or Netatmo are only one part of the equation. They can do awesome energy-saving stuff like turn your heat on or off automatically and learn your preferences over time, but regardless of how sophisticated they get, these devices still can’t tell your HVAC system to specifically ignore the spaces you don’t physically inhabit. In other words, they still heat rooms you don’t need them to.

That’s where KeenVent comes in. 

keenhomeKeen Vent is a smart, wirelessly-networked vent cover that can be opened or closed remotely via smartphone. The idea is that once you’ve got them installed in place of your old vent covers, they’ll automatically redirect heating/cooling to the only the rooms that need it – effectively reducing the cubic feet in your home that need to be conditioned at any given moment.

Frankly, an invention like this is long overdue. HVAC vent covers haven’t gotten a significant redesign since they were first introduced to consumers, and we’re glad to see they’re finally getting a 21st-century update. Unfortunately KeenVent systems aren’t available quite yet, but they will be in the very near future.

KeenHome, the startup behind the device, launched a successful crowdfunding campaign back in April, and has just recently been accepted into an accelerator program to jumpstart production of its product.

R/GA, the agency behind Nike’s FuelBand, has selected KeenHome for it’s recently-launched Connected Devices Accelerator – an intense three-month program designed to build connected products and services by lending entrepreneurs R/G’s expertise in business, brand consulting, product development, and marketing/communications. KeenHome was recently chosen as one of the ten startups that will take part in the program, so be on the lookout for a KeenVent launch in early 2014.

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