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Keep the same razor blade sharp for over a year with this clever Kickstarter device

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Paying for replacement razor blades is one of those things that’s universally hated by practically everyone who shaves. You can always go the Dollar Shave Club route to save some money, but if you’d rather not fork over that cash in the first place, check out this brilliant new Kickstarter project.

It’s called RazorPod, and it’s built around the idea that, with proper care, a single razor blade can stay sharp for considerably longer than normal. It’s generally accepted that razors get dull over time after coming in contact with your hair — but apparently that’s not the reason it happens. Instead, razors lose their sharpness because their edges are so incredibly thin that reactions with water, air, and oxygen cause them to corrode. Constant exposure to water and moisture causes the paper-thin cutting edge of the metal blade to rust and flake away, which shortens the effective life and forces you to buy new blades.

razorpod edge pic

RazorPod eliminates this problem by creating a zero-humidity environment for you to store your razor in. Inside the little plastic enclosure, the pod is filled with a bunch of super-absorbent silica desiccant beads — the same things used in cell-phone drying bags and beef jerky packets. These little beads completely absorb lingering moisture that cause your blades to rust, and thereby keeps the edge from flaking away.

Eventually, the beads will reach their peak moisture absorption level and stop drawing humidity out of the pod. However, instead of making you purchase more, RazorPod is equipped with a mechanism that dries them out and makes them reusable. Once the silica beads are filled up with water (they’ll change color to let you know), all you have to do is flip out the prongs on the back of the device and plug it into an outlet. This will power a small heater that dries the beads and brings them back to their original state.

The best part is that, since RazorPod is such a simple device, it’s also dirt cheap. If you back the project now, you can lock one down for just $17. That’s cheaper than buying a new pack of razors in some cases. Find out more here

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