Ketel One and Tumi joined forces to create a backpack just for boozers

ketel one tumi joined forces create backpack just boozers mixology 1

You probably already have a bag for just about everything in your life – a bag for books, a bag for your laptop, and a bag that can fit a week’s worth of clothes. But what you probably don’t have, yet desperately need, is a dedicated bag for your booze.

Sure, you could probably make do by haphazardly tossing your bottles into a ragged old Jansport bag, but that’s only safe if your booze comes in a plastic jug. If you have even an ounce of class in your entire body and prefer your liquor from a glass bottle, you need to snag yourself a proper booze backpack.

Designed in a partnership between luxury luggage designer Tumi and premium vodka brand Ketel One, the Mixology Backpack is everything you need to transform into walking saloon. It’s built specifically to carry bottles of precious high-shelf hooch, along with all the barware and extra ingredients you could ever want.

tumi backpackOn the inside, the pack features an array of elastic straps and cushy padding to hold your precious cargo in place and protect it from getting banged up. And it’s not only good for liquor either – the bag has plenty of pockets and chambers for your laptop and other gear, and comes equipped with waterproof liners in case anything leaks during transport. As an added bonus, the bag even comes with a stainless steel shaker, a pair of steel jiggers, and a mixing spoon. 

On the outside, it’s pure luxury. The bag’s exterior is made from coated Italian canvas with black leather trim and a leather monogram patch – all of which are hand-stitched by Italian craftsmen at Tumi’s manufacturing facility.

You can snag yourself one online for $695. A bit on the pricey side for sure, but it definitely beats carrying your bottles in a brown paper sack. Find out more at