Keyport helps you organize everything from keys to USB drive

keyport helps you organize everything from keys to usb drive 06

If there’s one everyday item that hasn’t seen much in the way of innovation, it’s that clunky mass of keys in your pocket. Since when did carrying around a bunch of pieces of cut up metal on a ring equal the best we can do? Well, someone thought that we indeed could do better and came up with the Keyport ($39+), a smart and organized way to clean up what’s in your pocket and what’s on your keyring. 

This custom-built solution can hold up to six keys, a flash drive, a bottle opener, and a flashlight in a package about the size of a medium pack of gum. Users can configure their own Keyport with whatever keys and attachments that they like, and can even add up to two barcode strips for things like gym membership cards or reward cards. The process does seem to involve filling out forms and taking photos of your existing keys, but to us it seems like the payout might be worth it. Although, if you’re a jogger, it doesn’t exactly look like you could just slip one key out to take along your way. 

The Keyport is available in a wide variety of colors and has accessories like special colored nodes that will help you identify which key is which. Either way, we’d much rather have this taking up space in our pocket than the uncomfortable chunk of sharp metal that currently resides there.