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Kohler’s Moxie showerhead encourages your inner rockstar to shower in sound

Kohler Moxie

Confession time: I sing in the shower. Often, if not, always. It’s just my thing, and it’s probably a lot of other people’s thing too because Kohler decided a Bluetooth-enabled toilet wasn’t enough, now the company’s gone and released a line of wireless speaker and showerhead combination. Start warming your pipes.

The Moxie Showerhead is a two-piece device that lets users connect to the speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth. The speaker portion is detachable and can pop out of the magnetic showerhead hollow so you can recharge with a USB cable. The portable speaker can also be used as a standalone system, allowing you to go from your desk to the shower without skipping a beat. Kohler estimates that the wireless charge can last an average of seven hours, although that number can change depending on volume settings and environmental conditions (It’s commonly thought that heat can make batteries die faster, so that’s a heads up for those who like taking long, hot showers).

moxie showerhead

Although the Moxie was unveiled some time last winter, Kohler just recently announced new colors for the detachable speakers. Now, not only can everyone in the house have personal speakers, they can all take their own into the shower. Which is ideal, considering the speakers have a Bluetooth range of up to 32 feet and you wouldn’t want your roommate to mess with your tunes from outside the bathroom door. In addition to classic white, the Moxie line now includes blue, red, chartreuse, and light blue with an optional “Brushed Nickel,” “Oil-Rubbed Bronze,” or “Polished Chrome” finish. As you would expect, the speakers are water-resistant, and the showerhead will still operate even if you decide not to plug in the speaker.

moxie showerhead colorsThe idea of combining showerhead and a waterproof speaker is fun, but beware: Taking your smartphone into the bathroom to… distract yourself while doing whatever it is you’re doing… can result in accidentally dropping the device in water. Unless your phone’s equipped with a waterproof case, take Kohler’s encouragement lightly and operate your smartphone with care because most warranties do not cover liquid damage.

The Kohler Moxie set is available today for $200, with additional speakers at $130 each.

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