Pizza guy or assassin? Kuna AI recognizes cars outside your home instantly

Kuna AI

There’s always a bit of mystery when you hear a knock at the door. Is it the Amazon guy delivering your shiny new drone? The neighbor asking for a cup of sugar? Is it the milkman? Are they still a thing? Either way, that level of uncertainty has been shrinking with the advance of home security tech, and with the addition of artificial intelligence, it may go away completely.

Home security firm Kuna Systems has debuted Kuna AI, an artificial intelligence platform that allows the brand’s smart devices to recognize vehicles outside your home in less than a second. With the new AI software, Kuna’s camera-equipped system can identify cars based on the make, model, and color, and over time, it will learn to match the vehicles to their owners. That way, you’ll be able to tell if it’s your significant other returning home or a random delivery truck without even looking outside.

“Home security systems currently rely on homeowners as the ‘intelligence,’ to determine suspicious activity and then take action to call the authorities,” said Haomiao Huang, CTO of Kuna Systems. “Kuna AI goes beyond simple motion detection to vehicle recognition that emulates the way a human brain works. We’re enabling home security systems that ease the decision-making process for homeowners, so they have peace of mind that their families and homes are safer than ever before.”

Kuna AI works by utilizing a sophisticated neural network based on the human visual cortex. Using deep learning and a database of tens of thousands of cars, the technology identifies vehicles and humans and sends the information to the Kuna smartphone app. If a suspicious vehicle is “flagged” by the homeowner, Kuna AI can even trigger a siren or notify police if the car is seen again. How’s that for peace of mind?

Vehicle recognition is the first function of Kuna AI, but it won’t be the last. Moving forward, the company will work closely within UC Berkeley’s RiseLab to develop new features. Kuna AI is currently available to those who subscribe to Kuna’s “Absolute Control” premium plan, but more comprehensive rollouts will begin in the fall.