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Kwikset’s new trio of Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth-enabled smart locks debut at CES 2019

Kwikset, Yale and Schlage have been battling it out for years over keyless entry but it looks like Kwikset is sending over another salvo at CES 2019 with the introduction of three new locks that look very friendly to the smart home enthusiast, as well as offering a bridge to new technology for homeowners with more traditional tastes.

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First, the company is introducing its first ever Wi-Fi enabled smart locks, branded under the name Halo. They’re designed to connect to homeowners’ existing Wi-Fi routers and operate without a third-party hub, panel, or subscription service. Through the proprietary Kwikset app, users can quickly and easily generate up to 250 unique user codes, manage guest user access, remotely monitor lock status, and remotely lock or unlock all from their smartphones. There are two different models, the primary difference being that one features a touchscreen.

The Halo Touchscreen Wi Fi Smart Lock will be available for purchase in 2019 for $230. This version features Kwikset’s patented SecureScreen, which in a unique strategy, prompts users to touch two random numbers before entering their access code. Why the random action? Any ne’er-do-well trying to spoof the lock will leave fingerprints across the screen.

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The Halo Keypad Wi-Fi Smart Lock will be available alongside the touchscreen version in 2019, accompanying a new version of the Kwikset mobile app. Both locks feature Kwikset’s patented SmartKey Security, which protects against common break-in methods like lock picking, lock bumping, and torque attacks.

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“Wi-Fi-enabled smart home products are where we see the smart lock category progressing and Kwikset wanted to provide a simple connected solution for homeowners, which we’ve delivered with Halo,” said Ali Atash, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kwikset, Spectrum Brands Inc. — Hardware & Home Improvement Division, in a release. “Kwikset continues to reinforce our commitment to our customers, providing the best in residential security. Our new Halo Smart Locks are no exception.”

Alongside the newly designed Kwikset mobile app and Wi-Fi smart locks, the company is also launching its latest Bluetooth-enabled smart lock, branded Aura, at CES 2019. Arriving in 2019 and priced at $150, Aura offers smart home security users an affordable smart lock with reliable technology that can be managed simply on any compatible smartphone.

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“Aura is a straightforward smart lock solution for customers,” says Atash. “With both user code and traditional key access, as well as easy programming and simple management capabilities without platform complexities, Aura will appeal to people looking to add style and convenience to their lives at an affordable price.”

CES attendees who want to check out Kwikset’s latest and greatest smart locks can visit the manufacturer at booth #42137 in the Sands Expo, Smart Home Marketplace.

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