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LG will provide free Google Home devices during October promotion

lg appliance free google home
In order to update to a smarter home, everyday appliances need to become more connected. LG is well on its way to creating a convenient, future-ready home experience by releasing nearly 90 new smart appliances compatible with Google Assistant. In celebration of this new line of products, LG will offer free Google Home devices with participating purchases.

Running from October 8 to October 25, any purchase of a Wi-Fi-enabled LG appliance will come bundled with a Google Home device. This new line of smart products runs the gambit, including washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, vacuums, air purifiers, and more. Available nationwide, this retail promotion is meant to bring the smart home experience to even more consumers.

With Google Assistant, smart LG appliances can now be enabled using simple voice commands. Through Google Home or a smartphone, users can check how much time is left on a wash cycle, make more ice in the fridge, turn off the oven, adjust the air conditioning, or even monitor the air quality. The only limit becomes any lack of Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Making setup easier, all LG smart appliances use one centralized SmartThinQ app. After setting things up, the app begins to learn people’s usage patterns and helps predict their needs. The more an item is used, the smarter it gets. For example, LG smart appliances can learn to alert users when it’s time to order filter refills in the fridge or empty lint build-up in the dryer. In tandem with the Assistant on Google Home, voices can be distinguished between users, creating a more personal experience.

“At LG, we’re making smart simple so consumers can enjoy all the convenience today’s connected home can offer without the hassle,” says LG Electronics vice president of marketing David VanderWaal in a statement. “Gone are the days of constantly checking on your laundry cycles or wondering if the kids left the refrigerator door open.”

This isn’t the first time LG has partnered up with Google. The electronics company offered free Google Home devices during a similar promotion involving the LG G6 smartphone. For anyone not on the smart home bandwagon, LG is making it pretty easy to jump in.

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