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LG's premium dishwasher, air purifier will add a touch of class to your home

An annual mainstay at Las Vegas’ massive CES conference, the Korean-based electronics company LG is (yet again) bringing out the big dogs at this year’s expo. In addition to its slew of next-gen, 4K TVs, LG also plans on unveiling its next wave of top-of-the-line home appliances including (but not limited to) an innovative air purifier and premium dishwasher. A bona fide force in the appliance world, LG’s CES offerings help paint shed a bit of light on where the appliance giant is headed, and what kind of tricks it has up its sleeve, for 2017.

For LG’s premium addition, the firm opted to upgrade its Signature Dishwasher, improving not just its efficiency and effectiveness but its aesthetic prowess as well. Featuring a high-temperature steam setting which actually boils water to strip pesky, hardened food, the days of exerting elbow grease on a plate just to stick it in a dishwasher appear to be numbered. Other features include LG’s patented QuadWash tech which strives for more powerful and faster washes along with its Multi-Motion arms that deliver a bidirectional and high-pressure water spray, all while saving an average of 15 percent cycle time. Furthermore, its Turbo Cycle setting completes full washes in just 55 minutes.

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Concerning its foray into the air purifying market, LG’s Air Purifier Montblanc D is an aesthetically pleasing unit capable of dramatically improving the quality of air in any given space. After successfully purifying the air, the appliance’s Clean Booster function kicks in and keeps the clean air flowing through every corner of the room. Furthermore, with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, owners have the option of controlling the purifier remotely. Energy Star certified and 20 percent more efficient than the federal minimum, LG’s Montblanc D looks like a force in the air purifying industry.

In addition to the Signature Dishwasher and Montblanc D air purifier, there were also murmurs of LG unveiling a touchscreen-touting fridge dubbed LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator. Likely a parry to Samsung’s similarly tech-heavy Family Hub, the InstaView would allow owners to access recipes, stream music or movies, view the fridge’s contents without opening the door, and keep track of grocery orders through Amazon Prime — all entirely through the fridge. With Amazon Alexa compatibility, users also have the option of using voice commands to utilize the InstaViews many features.

Each appliance figures to be available for purchase after LG’s appearance at CES 2017.

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