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Luma’s twist to online mattresses: Letting you swap out the topper for more or less firmness

Tuft & Needle, Casper, and Leesa will all deliver queen-size memory foam mattresses to your door for under $900. These were among the first mattresses-in-a-box and a few competitors have cropped up since, offering a more customizable experience. The aforementioned trio each have one style that comes in different sizes. Luma has now joined this group, calling its product “the first customizable luxury mattress sold exclusively online.”

The Luma Slumber System comes in two parts, but it’s not like a box spring and mattress. The first part makes up the bulk of the mattress and consists of wrapped coils, an inch of memory foam, and three inches of latex. The thinner second piece is made exclusively of latex, and this “comfort layer” comes in different levels of firmness. Because it’s not as unwieldy as an entire mattress, this layer can be changed out if you get the Luma home and find firm isn’t for you.

The topper comes in three levels: plush, medium, and firm, and there’s a chart to help guide you to which should work for you and your sleeping habits. It seems like there’s no option to split this layer in half, which is an option Helix Sleep offers with its mattresses, if you and your partner are at opposite ends of the firmness spectrum.

For the whole system, you get a 101-day trial, but you can switch the comfort layer for up to a year. Mattresses also come with “Talalay latex” pillows and mattress protectors. Talalay refers to the process used to make the latex, and it’s a little costlier than the Dunlop process, though each seems to have its pros and cons, according to Sleep Like the Dead.

Another thing that separates Luma from its competitors is that it’s pricier. A queen-size mattress, which comes with the mattress protector and two pillows, costs $1,495.

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