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The Magic Flask gives your booze a boost in quality

Liquor lovers know that when it comes to alcohol, the smoother the better. Unfortunately, liquor that goes down easy doesn’t always feel easy on the wallet. If you’re someone who brings alcohol to all social gatherings, but you also want to keep an eye on the purse strings, the Magic Flask could be an interesting purchase.

The Magic Flask comes with some pretty hefty claims, but if it can follow through on those claims, you could be in on a money-saving secret. In just 30 minutes, the Magic Flask improves the quality of inexpensive spirits, turning your discounted liquor store find into a smooth, premium, expensive-tasting treat.

All you have to do is pour a cheaper liquor (any whiskey, schnapps, tequila, vodka, or other hard liquor with a high alcohol content will do) into the flask, seal it, and wait about 30 minutes or so. Magic Flask emphasizes that a premium level liquor won’t be as effective in this flask, since the changes will not be as noticeable. Once the half hour is up, open up the flask, and you’ll get to enjoy the improved, upgraded taste of high-quality liquor. It’s just like the magic, hence the name of the flask.

So how exactly does the magic work? According to the company website, Magic Flask uses bioresonance technology to harness the power of electromagnetic waves, which allow qualitative changes to happen to the liquid and alcoholic content of the drink. Once the liquor has been in the Magic Flask, the taste will not change, even if you pour the liquid out into a different container. Theoretically, bioresonance technology could make a noticeable change to not just liquor, but also other liquids such as coffee and fruit juices.

Magic Flask comes in two different size options: a personal-sized flask that’s perfect for slipping into a coat pocket and enjoying solo, or a hangout-sized flask that allows for easy sharing. Worried about getting a faulty unit or seeing your unit lose its effectiveness way too soon? If you make a purchase, you’re covered by 12-month warranty.

Magic Flask is owned by UpSynergy, a company that specializes in improving the drinking experience.

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