Marina + Beach Towers is a lush beach front oasis with sandy shores, shops, and more

If nothing else, the Middle East is known for its ambitious architecture. Home to palm tree shaped islands, the world’s tallest building, and a long list of others, the Middle East has not been left wanting when it comes to buildings that inspire, awe, and amaze. And as the world’s thirst for oil continues and the regions reserves dwindle, many countries in the Middle East have turned to tourism and other forms of commerce to prepare and supplement their coffers.

One such architectural addition, the Marina + Beach Towers comes by way of Miami-based firm Oppenheimer Achitecture + Design and is slated to serve as a mixed use development. Set along the sand riddled coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Marina + Beach Towers features two large structural forms jetting from the sand and gently arcing upwards towards the sky. Between the spaces visitors are treated to a lush oasis and can continue towards the planned promenade that will host a bazaar as well as retail and dining locations.

The Marina + Beach Towers will also house residential units within the facades and can be accessed via pedestrian bridges within the vertical chasm that connects both the interior and exterior of each building. The twin structure will also attempt to isolate natural sources of energy and provide a level of self sustaining power through wind arrays, solar paneling, and a reusable water system for resource conservation.