Moleskine App lets you pick your virtual notebook

moleskine app lets you pick your virtual notebook

Add this one to the list of companies we never expected to make an app. The age-old purveyor of clean black notebooks now has a free official iOS app for iPad/iPhone/iPod in addition to the company’s new line of computer sleeves and tech accessories. While we’re pretty sure that Moleskine fans will want to stand by their simple real-life notebooks, this new app from the company gives users a similarly clean note-taking experience for their Apple devices. The app lets users pick from a library of Moleskine notebook styles, from your basic lined paper to something more free-form for sketching purposes. The app allows for writing and editing notes, sketching, and even storing images and geo-tagging notes. Once you’ve written everything in your virtual notebook as you please, the Moleskine App also lets you share your notes and thoughts via email or online through social media. Not a bad app for a centuries-old brand that still makes money on paper products. We’ll stick with our real notebooks for the long haul, but having a good note-taking app on your mobile device will make sure you never let a lightbulb idea go undocumented.