MSN Spaces Ranked Largest Blog Service

With all the talk about MySpace becoming one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet, it’s a little surprising to see that the comScore Media Metrix has ranked Microsoft’s MSN Spaces as the largest blogging service on the planet, garnering more than 100 million unique visitors during April 2006, compared to 41.7 million unique visitors a year ago. More surprising: comScore finds that nearly one in seven Internet users worldwide has visited MSN Spaces.

“Blogging as a category has shown consistent and rapid growth over the last year all around the world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon,” said Peter Daboll, comScore Media Metrix’s CEO. “The trend in more user-generated content represents a shift in the way that media is created and consumed online.”

MSN Spaces is currently available in 16 languages in 30 markets, and enables users to share blogs, photos, music, playlists, and other items. Of course, now that maybe one in seven Internet users is perhaps tangentially familiar with the name MSN Spaces, Microsoft is going to rechristen the service Windows Live Spaces