Native Shoes

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Vancouver, BC company Native Shoes has put a modern twist on several classic shoe styles by recreating them in the brand’s unique and lightweight EVA material. Think of them as functional like Crocs, but fashionable and cool like your favorite Vans or Chuck Taylors.

The shoes are extremely lightweight, antimicrobial to avoid odors, and come in a wide range of classic colors and bright alternatives. The Corrado is a dressier moccasin-like style (as dressy as plastic shoes can get, that is), the Jefferson is the classic casual sneaker, and the Miller is smack in the middle. The perforations in each style keep your feet cool and comfortable, and these kicks are a stylish bargain at $45 a pair. For anyone who shunned the plastic shoe trend because of the less-than-attractive design of Crocs, your hip and colorful reincarnation has arrived.

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Top: the Miller in Zuccini Green, Above: the Corrado in Totem Red. View all style and color options over at Zappos.