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Nexia’s new smart thermostat, RoomIQ feature help keep your home cozy and comfy

nexia smart home thermostat ces2018
Nexia has unveiled a series of new features to make home sweet home more comfortable still. At CES, the smart home company showed off the RoomIQ, ZSENS930 Wireless Temperature Sensor, and Trane XL724, three innovations that should help keep your household environment exactly as you want it.

First up is RoomIQ by Nexia, which will leverage Nexia-enabled thermostats and Nexia smart home triggers to help customize your heating and cooling experience. Rather than simply scheduling your AC unit to turn on or your heating system to go off, RoomIQ actually adapts to rooms and their occupants. The system is claimed to customize comfort levels by taking cues from the Nexia system, including motion detection, light switch activation, or a number of other triggers. If RoomIQ determines that someone is in a room, it prioritizes setting the temperature in that part of the house over other rooms.

RoomIQ will work alongside Trane’s new ZSENS930 Wireless Temperature Sensor. Despite its small size (it fits in the palm of your hand), the sensor can report temperature and humidity data that will tell RoomIQ how best to set a room’s conditions. The wireless sensor is Z-Wave compatible, and can be paired with Trane’s existing lineup of thermostats and HVAC systems. And when used together with the new RoomIQ feature, it can assess the temperature between certain rooms to help the entire system reach ideal conditions for the home. That means that during the day, your HVAC may control your entire home’s temperature based on the common area in the lower level of your home, whereas at night, comfort is determined by the temperature in the upstairs bedrooms. Of course, all settings can be controlled using the companion iOS or Android Nexia app.

Finally, there’s the Trane XL724, a programmable touchscreen thermostat that is Wi-Fi connected and allows users to remotely control their home’s temperature to reduce energy consumption. Accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer, the Trane XL724 is also compatible with Nexia Diagnostics so that your thermostat can be monitored remotely by licensed HVAC professionals. Users can create up to four different schedules every day to be executed by this new smart thermostat.

All three of these new products will be available in the first half of 2018.

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