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Sous vide cooking is now much simpler thanks to the Nomiku Sous Chef

Since Nomiku first entered the sous vide market two years ago, it has sold more than $3 million worth of products. Now, the company is expanding into the prepared meal space. With the announcement comes a new sous chef device that scans the packaged meals and properly prepares them — automatically.

Just like the original WiFi Nomiku, the Sous Chef is a sous vide immersion circulator that heats steak, fish, eggs, and more to the perfect temperature and holds the temperature steady until the food is perfectly cooked. Previously, this required owners to prepare their own food but the new model makes it as simple as scan and heat.

Nomiku Sous Chef Meals for New Parents

Meals are priced between $8 and $14 for entrees and $4 and $6 for sides. Each frozen meal takes only 30 minutes to cook. Users can purchase the Nomiku Sous Chef with their first order along with their preferred meals. There is no monthly subscription model, and using RIFD technology, food can be reordered when there are only four items left in the freezer. Users are able to adjust their preferences at any time.

Sous vide is a modern cooking method of putting vacuum-sealed food into a temperature-controlled water bath. It’s the fastest and most gentle way to defrost and heat food. It’s virtually impossible to overcook food even if it’s left in the bath longer than the recommended cook time.

When paired with the EatTender smartphone app, users can be notified automatically when meals are finished. Additionally, they can adjust the time and temperature remotely. Safety alerts can also be made if the power disconnects or the temperature drops to a dangerous range.

The Nomiku Sous Chef costs $149 when $80 of food is ordered. Once $300 of food has been ordered, the device is made free via a $149 food credit to the user’s account. For now, the delivery service is limited to 100 invitees in California. General availability to Californians begins on June 15. From there, the company intends to rapidly expand their delivery program nationwide so customers are encouraged to sign up for an alert.

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