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Bright idea? This multicolor smart lamp can display notifications and adapt to your music

From lava lamps to fiber optics, quirky lighting fixtures have been popular for decades. Now, all the coolest lamps are turning into smart lamps. Even boring lightbulbs turn on and off with a simple tap in an app. Notti is the latest such device. Freshly launched on Kickstatert, Notti lights up in different colors when you get notifications, turns on when your alarm goes off, and acts like a disco ball when you’re playing music.

Witti Design, the company behind Notti, is a Hong Kong-based startup that made another smart light called Dotti not too long ago. Notti does all thes ame things Dotti does, but features a different design. The light is shaped like a strange polygon that looks like a large ice crystal. It’s white until you light it up and then you can choose from as many as 16 million colors, according to Notti.The lamp sports a 3 watt LED that lights up when you want it to.

Notti App

Notti connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. From the app, you can decide which notifications you want the lamp to receive and you can even choose a different color for each kind of notification. You can add notifications for incoming calls, missed calls, instant messaging, calendar alerts, email alerts, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Snap Chat, and a bunch of other apps. Notti also syncs with your alarms and will light up to wake you up. It works like a normal lamp when you want it to or serves as light-up disco ball, changing colors while you play music.

Notti claims that the lamp will last through more than five hours of continuous light, a month of lighting up with notifications, or 3 hours when it’s changing colors continuously with your music. The lamp’s 500mAh battery charges via Micro USB.

You can preorder Notti on Kickstarter for $30 if you catch the early bird promotion. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay $40 to snag one, or worse — $80 when it arrives in stores. Witti Design says the Notti will ship in March 2015, assuming it raises its $5,000 goal.

To assure would-be backers that Notti does indeed work, the company has posted several videos showing an actual hand setting up notifications, changing the lamp’s colors, and the disco ball effect. You can check out the videos on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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