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Idaho mother says her child’s light-up sippy cup exploded

Andrew Seaman/Flickr

Having a little bit of mess when feeding your child is expected, but it came in a very unexpected way for one mother in Boise, Idaho. After filling a Nuby insulated light-up cup with milk, the cup exploded. Dzevada Becirovic, the mother who was filling the cup for her child, went to the hospital for injuries caused by the incident, according to a report from local news outlet KTVB.

According to Becirovic, the explosion was caused by the lithium-ion battery installed at the base of the cup. That battery is supposed to activate lights that are inside of the cup. Instead, the battery blew up. Becirovic said she purchased the cup just a week prior to the incident. The explosion caused injuries to her hands and face and resulted in a stinging sensation in her lungs. “It was super scary. I immediately couldn’t breathe – my lungs were on fire, my throat, I couldn’t stop coughing,” she told KTVB.

The mother managed to call a friend to come over and watch her children while she went to the hospital and was treated for the injuries. Her son was sitting on the couch during the explosion. “It did a lot of damage and what that would have done in his hands, I don’t even want to imagine. I really don’t,” she said. “I’m scared to death of something like this happening again with another product or another toy or happening to somebody else.”

Luv n’ care, Ltd., the parent company of Nuby, told KTVB they are investigating the situation. They have requested Becirovic send them the cup involved in the explosion so they can figure out what happened and determine if the cup was “properly used.” Becirovic says she never placed the cup in the microwave or the dishwasher prior to the explosion. Luv n’ care claims that all cups are tested and inspected before hitting store shelves.

Exploding lithium-ion batteries has become a bit of a trend in recent years. They have been involved in explosions in Samsung smartphones, hoverboards, and most recently in the controversial electric scooters that have popped up in major cities over the last year or so.

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