On-rails house transforms shape

on rails house transforms shape shapeshifting d hause

There is a lot of cool stuff going on in the world of architecture and design, as the new century marches on, the wealth of innovative and eye catching ideas that continue to advance the boundaries in these two fields are impressive to say the least.

 Having just recently been shortlisted for the Blueprint Design Award, design company D*Hause are certainly deserved of their critical recognition. The morphing D*Hause they have designed is truly impressive.

Ostensibly a stylishly designed home, this on-rails house can shift it’s shape, opening and closing as it pivots along its circular track.While in its default form, the D*Hause  looks like your typical house, but when it begins to morph can exhibit a range of forms greatly expanding its layout and adapting to the areas harsh weather conditions. For example, the geometry of the house can be contracted into a tight square when more warmth is needed, alternatively when the weather is warm, the house can be made to open up and create a wider space.

Clearly designing a house of this type is no easy feat, which is certainly why D*Hause is truly a unique concept to behold. Many of the design concerns affecting your typical house will be present in an idea such as this, but add to that numerous issues that may also present themselves due to the many moving parts of the house — and you have a lot that must be taken into consideration and even more that needs to work perfectly. 

For a look at the D*Hause in motion check out the video below.